FH Heavy Vibrating Feeder

FH Heavy Vibrating Feeder

Large capacity, low consumption, environmentally friendly

FH Heavy Vibrating Feeder

FH feeder is a new type of high-efficient vibrating feeder which is based on the experience of design, production, sales and service of mining industry for many years. We absorbs the most advanced design concept from abroad, develop and design it independently. In the production line it could feed the crushing machines continuously and finish the coarse screening of the raw material. This equipment can be widely used in crushing、screening equipment in metallurgy, coal, mining, construction, chemicals, grinding  industries, etc.

Output size : 600-1300mm

Production capacity : 350-1600 T/H

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All kinds of mineral stone, except viscous materail

According to the requirements of customers and rich experiences, FH Series Vibrating Feeder is produced to feed materials. The plant adopts EV Series Vibration Exciter making amplitude and vibration force adjusted. Meanwhile, the design of Anti-blocking bar with grand staircase has solved the problem about screening probability. Creating higher values for customers, the plant who takes advantages of strong vibration intensity and high screening efficiency satisfy the requirements about stability and reliability.


Widely used in metallurgy, coal, mining, construction, chemicals, grinding industries, etc.

FH Series Vibrating Feeder’s dual eccentric shaft exciter generates excitation force. A gear pair-connects the two eccentric shafts, enables the shafts rotate to opposite direction with same speed. Through motor driving, the excitation force generated constantly, the material slides and bounces ahead to crusher on the feeder groove. When material go through the feeder’s grid bars, the smaller material will fall down through the gap between grid bars and be sent to next crushing process. It enables the feeder to pre-screen material and fully ensures the crushing plant’s high crushing efficiency and capability.


1. Large feeding capacity, high screening efficiency. Using advanced design concepts and manufacturing processes, the capacity of FH vibrating feeder is 1.5 times of the traditional feeder.
2. Easy to adjust and control, with a wide using range. FH vibrating feeder uses Y3 series motor with high efficiency and energy saving. And it could be equipped with variable frequency controller to achieve precise adjustment, to meet the needs of different material feeding and screening.
3. The excitation design Eccentric shaft and eccentric block makes it easy to adjust the amplitude.
4. Greater vibration intensity brings the larger feeder throughput, higher screening efficiency and larger processing capacity
5.An effective way of control, a wide range of applications. Adopting a pin structure in the spring support, the plant satisfies the feeding and screening requirements of different materials with the adjusted obliquity from 0° to 15°.
6.Efficient EV Series Vibration Exciter. Adopting the way of thin oil lubrication, the plant can save a quarter fuel consumption of the traditional vibrating feeder’s. Besides, the vibration force can be changed adjusting numbers of weights with different EV Series Vibration Exciter from EV1-EV5. At the same time, there are two lubrication systems saving much time on maintenance because of separate structural system.
7.Anti-blocking bar with grand staircase. There are greater possibilities for materials and bars to contact with each other by the bars with grand staircase and high drop, and the screening probability is increased, either. The design of cross section of cam makes stratification between large grained and granule, and it can reduce friction between materials and bars. Besides, because of the sieve pore with a shape of comb-finger and bars with high drops, the problem about occlusion can be solved effectively.
8.Stable feed box. As support of the inlet, the rectangular framework is more stable. Side panels and outer panels are strengthened by angle steel which can avoid cracking because of non-uniform stress, so the structure is more compact and the stress is evener.
9.Unique structure of motor cabinet. Adopting rubber spring with the structure of tensioning to eliminate the effects that come from the vibrating of feed box on motor, and it can make the service life of motor and conveyor belt longer and the noise lower.

Working principle:
The vibrator of FH Vibrating Feeder can produce directional excitation force through the eccentric shaft and eccentric block. There’s a pair of gear with the ratio 1 connected between the two shafts to ensure that the opposite direction of rotation and same speed. By the motor driving, the eccentric shaft rotates. Due to the eccentric mass on both axes and eccentricity are equal, the resulting inertial force cancel each other in one direction, and superposition in the other direction so that could compound the directional excitation force.
And then feeder body which is rigidly connected with the exciter forcibly vibrates on the supporting spring.The material slides and throws on the trough under the action of the vibration force and is moved forward for feeding. When the material goes through the groove on the grate, the smaller gravels go through the gap between the grate fell, go to the next crushing process directly without crushing, which play a pre-screening effect. That could fully guarantee the efficiency and capacity of the broken crushing equipment.


Model Tank specifi cationsWXL(mm) Applications Inclination(.)Recomme nded (Range) Bar length(mm) Maximum feed size (mm) Rotating speed (r/min) Maximum proc essing capacity(t/h) Power(kW)
FH1036 1000X3600 Stationary Crusher
Mobile Crusher
8(0-15) 2X900 600 650-900 350 15
FH1245 1200X4500 2X900 700 600 22
FH1260 1200X6000 3X900 700 600 22
FH1560 1500X6000 Stationary Crusher 3X900 900 900 30
FH1860 1800X6000 3X900 1100 1200 37
FH2160 2100X6000 3X900 1300 1600 45

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