Screw Sand Washing Machine

Screw Sand Washing Machine

Large capacity, low consumption, environmentally friendly

Screw Sand Washing Machine

Kefid screw sand washing machine is mainly used for sand processing, electric pole factory, building work site and concrete dam, various sands classifying and dewatering. This sand washing machine adopts inclination of 15º, under the water tub, three weir plates form the sediment pool, the screw head is immersed in this pool, the screw is driven by electric motor through reducer rotating continuously, the fresh water is feeding from porous plate at bottom of sediment pool, this machine have three functions of washing, dewatering, classifying.

Output size : 0-10MM

Production capacity : 100-350T/H

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crushed stone, pebble stone, river stone,etc

Screw sand washing machine has three functions, washing, dewatering and classifying included. The plant adopts new design with inclination of 15°, which makes efficiency higher and operation easier. The screw sand washing machine is widely used in mining machinery, construction, concrete dam and other fields.


Screw sand washing machine is used in Mining, quarry, and construction, industries for various sands or stone classifying and dewatering.

Screw sand washing machine is a machine which uses the buoyancy of water to separate dust and impurities from sand. With the agitation of the screw slice, the impurities will be washing off. Meanwhile, the fine sand and the coarse sand will be mixed uniformly while it is lifted up.

Screw sand washing machine is designed according to the characteristics that materials with different particle size and density have different settling velocity in the fluid. The particle with fine size and less density has a lower settling speed. Conversely, the particle with coarse size has a higher settling speed. With the agitation of the screw slice, you can get the purpose of separating dust and impurities from sand.


High degree cleaning-up; Reasonable structure; High production capacity;
Low power consumption
High cleaning ability.
Reasonable structure.
Large capacity.
Low consumption.


Models LSX-920 2LSX-920 LSX-1120 2LSX-1120
Diameter of screw (mm) 920 920 1120 1120
Length of tub (mm) 7585 7585 9750 9750
Feed Size (mm) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
Capacity (t/h) 100 200 175 350
Speed of screw (r/min) 21 21 17 17
Electric Motor Power(kW/HP) 11 2x11 18.5 2x18.5
Water Consumption (t/h) 10-80 20-160 20-150 40-300
Dimension (mm)(L×B×H) 8420×2180×3960 8420×3970×3960 10770×3950×4860 10770×5260×4860
Weight (t) 6.2 11.5 10.9 17.8

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    A full bevel gearbox reduces noise and increases drive efficiency and power. Automatic oil lubrication system provides better bearing lubrication.

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    Spade shooter saves you money. Frequency controlled separator and cyclone powder collector guarantee high performance

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    Arc air duct reduces power consumption and intelligent control ensures better performance.

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    4.Environmental protection

    Unique air recirculation system and dust collector create a clean environment.