Mobile Secondary Crushing

Mobile Secondary Crushing

Large capacity, low consumption, environmentally friendly

Anytime, anywhere, transformation and upgrade

Mobile Cone Crusher is another kind of mobile crushing unit, mainly to satisfy different requirement of final products. Cone crusher replaces impact crusher to produce much harder and fine stone or sand products.

Output size : Depends on the material

Production capacity : 45-430T/H

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Newly add the high-efficiency single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with high process capacity.
Add the adjustable function of vibrating screen installation angle, and strengthen the whole machine’s production capacity.
Flexible and motorized parking function, and start the work mode quickly.
Possess the crushing unit interchangeable system and screening unit interchangeable system, satisfy different kind of production need.
The mobile crushing and screening plants is composed of primary crushing and screening station and secondary one, belt conveyor, etc. Every crushing station is an independent working unit, they can respectively assume their different responsibility, and the belt conveyer is responsible for material transmitting and piling up between each crushing station.


Secondary medium & fine crusher in mining, quarry, mixing and batching plant, road and building construction, highway, railway and subway, and water conservancy.

1. Mobile Crushing and Screening can be used in cement industry

Mobile Crushing and Screening plays an important role in cement industry. With the rapid development, large bridges, large buildings, subway tunnel and other buildings, concrete demand is enormous. The sandstone, shale and limestone as the raw materials of  concrete is an indispensable element in industrial production, demand is also very impressive. Our mobile crushing and screening has good performance in crushing these sandstone, shale etc.

2. Mobile Crushing and Screening can be used in processing iron ores

Mobile Crushing and Screening can be used in crushing iron ores. Iron ores are rocks and minerals from which metallic iron can be economically extracted. Iron is the world's most commonly used metal - steel, of which iron ore is the key ingredient, represents almost 95% of all metal used per year. It is used primarily in structural engineering applications and in maritime purposes, automobiles, and general industrial applications (machinery).

3. Mobile Crushing and Screening can be used in processing garnet

Garnet is ground to a variety of sizes to be used as an abrasive. Garnet sandpaper was the original application of this mineral. It is also used to make a number of similar products, including sanding belts, discs, and strips. As the garnet’s application in industry, when you get the primary stone of garnet, it is always in different types of big block, so the garnet need to be crushed, Mobile Crushing and Screening is an important equipment for crushing garnet.

Extended functions

Impact crusher and cone crusher interchange system:One automobile body is common used in multiple type of machine, crushing unit interchange system and screening unit interchange system, only need to invest on single machine, in a short time, crushing unit interchange system and screening unit interchange system used in the same automobile body can be come true in the mine site, all the system in the overall unit match perfectly.Mobile Crushing and Screening is a new designed rock crushing & screening plant, which is flexible, convenient and strong in mobility, so it can save a large construction capital and relocation. Raw Materials can be crushed at the local place without being transported again, and also can be moved with the further exploitation of the raw material, which saves a large number of transportation cost. Liming corporation specializes in producing crusher, screen and other mineral processing equipments. On the basis of professional technology, we optimize and introduce two large and three small series of crushing and screening equipment. Each large series is divided into three series: coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening mobile plant. Therefore, it can fully adapt to the various mobile crushing and screening requirements, and creates more new business opportunities for customers while reducing cost of production.


Standard Model Screening Equipment Crushing Equipment Max. preparedness capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension
Model Model Max. Feeding Size(mm) output(t/h) Transport dimension(mm)
need tear-down
KC75-2 3YZS1848 CS75B 102-175 A A+(20~50) 14730×3620×6680(mm)
KT100-2 3YZS1848 HST100H1 52-192 A A+(20~50) 14730×3620×6680(mm)
KC160-2 3YZS1860 CS160B 168-192 A A+(30~70) 14860×3850×7100(mm)
KT160-2 3YZS1860 HST160H1 72-288 A A+(30~70) 14860×3850×7100(mm)
KH300-2 3YZS1860 HPT300C2 84-168 A A+(30~70) 14860×3850×7100(mm)
KT250-2 3YZS1860 HST250H1 88-360 A A+(30~70) 14860×3850×7100(mm)
KH300-2 3YZS2160 HPT300C2 84-168 A A+(40~90) 14880×3910×7120(mm)
KT250-2 3YZS2160 HST250H1 88-360 A A+(40~90) 14880×3910×7120(mm)
KH300-2 4YZS2160 HPT300C2 84-168 A A+(20~80) 14880×4260×7610(mm)
KF1214-2 3YZS1860 PF1214 300 90-180 120-240 14860×3660×7100(mm)
KF1214-2 3YZS1860 PFW1214Ⅲ 250 90-190 120-250 14860×3660×7100(mm)
KF1315-2 3YZS2160 PF1315 300 120-250 150-320 14880×3910×7120(mm)
KF1315-2 3YZS2160 PFW1315Ⅲ 300 150-280 180-350 14880×3910×7120(mm)
KF1315-2 4YZS2160 PFW1315Ⅲ 300 150-280 150-280 14880×4260×7610(mm)
KF1318-2 3YZS2160 PFW1318Ⅲ 300 220-350 250-430 14880×3910×7120(mm)
KS1848-1   3YZS1848   50-250 70-300 14870×4305×6680(mm)
KS1860-1   3YZS1860   60-320 70-350 14850×4305×7100(mm)
KS2160-1   3YZS2160   80-400 90-450 14870×4305×7120(mm)

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    A full bevel gearbox reduces noise and increases drive efficiency and power. Automatic oil lubrication system provides better bearing lubrication.

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    Spade shooter saves you money. Frequency controlled separator and cyclone powder collector guarantee high performance

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    Arc air duct reduces power consumption and intelligent control ensures better performance.

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    4.Environmental protection

    Unique air recirculation system and dust collector create a clean environment.